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Meet Russ

Russ Zapotichny is a dealing representative with Axcess Capital Advisors, and registered to service clients in BC, Alberta, Sask, Manitoba and Ontario. He specializes in helping clients diversify their portfolios in private capital by investing with companies that have exceptional track records and are strategically positioned for growth.

What My Clients say.

It is a pleasure to deal with Russ. He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the private capital space in terms of what benefits are provided to investors vs other traditional investment options.

Ray Olthuis CPA CA

I started working with Russ in 2017 and my only regret is I didn’t meet him sooner! His approach is logical, using historical statistics as well as market knowledge to suggest the best investment fit based on the clients knowledge and risk tolerance.

Rick Williams

Russ is very knowledgeable, a great educator and his client friendly approach make him the exact type of advisor you want to be working with. Just do your private investments with him and, you are in good and caring hands!

Sean McMann

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